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Friday, May 20, 2016

6 tips for when dining set feels too small!

Does your dining table feel too small for the space? People often bring the dining set from a prior home, and it feels too small in scale for the room. Sometimes doing one of these 3 will solve it:

1) Add a larger host and hostess chair
See our client's home below! Notice the impact this made.

2) Add a large rug.
A rug helps absorb sound, helps to "ground" or settle the space.

3) Add full height window treatments.
They complete the room. Drapes absorb sound and make the space feel cozier. 
AFTER above, BEFORE below
In some situations, when a table is too small and you want to replace it, consider these:

Do not buy a matching "set".
It's much more interesting to mix and match so that no one else will have exactly the same set! Notice what we found for our client below.

Something other than wood.
Perhaps a rustic reclaimed wood? Or stainless steel?

 AFTER above, BEFORE below

If your table feels too small in your room, you may be able to solve it by any of the following:

1) updating the chairs to a fully upholstered chair
They feel more substantial than a wooden chair (see below)

2) Insert the leaf in the table

3) Replace the chandelier with a larger one.

3) Fill the "empty" space with drapes, valances, or a beautiful buffet. This helps fill the void.

Keep in mind ceiling heights when shopping, dining tables and chairs often look much different in your home than they do in a furniture store! 

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