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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tall windows and short windows, what type window treatment?

Do you have windows that are different heights or shapes? There are solutions to make tall windows and short windows seem more cohesive, we're featuring them below.

Builders often mix different shape windows in the same room due to the exterior view, or due to their thought process on where the furniture should go. In the room below, the builder did this horizontal window to allow space for a bed underneath. Notice that without window treatments, unique shaped windows can be quite "confusing" to the eye. Especially when some windows are a different shape than others in the same room.

Below, see the before and after, which make the long narrow window look better. Drapes, sheers, and valances are helpful when the windows are different shapes and heights!

The large window (right side) would look great with drapes too, any combination 
of sheers, drapes, valances or roman shades work great.  

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