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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Selecting paint colors before moving into a new home, 6 designer tips!

What's the best way to select wall paint colors before I move into my new home? Good question!

All the famous designers and Houzz articles state that selecting paint "before you move in is a big mistake!" However ---  we realize that sometimes it's necessary to paint before you move in, so we'll list 6 design tips for selecting the perfect wall paint BEFORE you move in!

Getting your paint selection correct the first time will save you money! In fact, the #1 reason new home buyers end up repainting a room twice is because they don't realize how much each color tone can vary. What starts out as "basic gray, tan, camel, or ivory" ends up with tones one didn't expect. For example, you'll notice that gray paints can have a pink cast, or a green cast, or a taupe or brown cast. Since there is no such thing as a "neutral paint color" paints can appear "not quite right" next to your rug, art, or window treatment fabric.

We'll help you select a paint that makes your home look amazing! Following these 6 tips as a tried and true method, we use it for every new construction project!

In a recent 13,000 + square foot home project, the homeowner needed to paint before they moved to Greensboro, NC, while they were living out of state. Now, they are absolutely thrilled with all the paints!! It's exciting when you love your surroundings, and when the colors make you happy!

To select the right paint color or wallpaper, your fabric and art should be your guide.
This is especially the case when painting with gray, since it can have pink, brown, or green undertones! 

Many homeowners don't realize how much as small tweak of the paint can matter. That is, unless they picked the wrong paint colors in prior homes! Then they definitely want to get the paint color selection right the first time, so they actually compliment your art, rug and drapes.

6 design tips for selecting the right wall paint:

1) Choose & spread out fabrics in your actual rooms. 
  • It could be fabric for a valance or drape, or for recovering.
  • Once you do this, the paint fan will be living proof that some paints will look AMAZING, while others look like a hit and a miss. 
  • We spread out fabrics by the bolt (instead of a small sample). 

2) Bring home a 12" rug sample. 
  • If this isn't possible, send your designer close up photos of your rug, so they can use it as a guide. 
  • Make sure you photograph the rug in good natural light. Go the extra effort - open the 2" blinds, open the doors, wait for a sunny day. Accuracy is important if your rug has unique colors. 

3) Decide on an inspiration piece, such as beautiful art. 

  • After all, a large piece of art is the focal point, it can make or break the room! 
  • When we selected paint for the above mentioned home, we already knew which amazing pieces of art would compliment the wall colors. 

4) If you're going to update your kitchen or bathroom, view the tile with the paint.

5) Select the paint on a bright day, during natural light

  • Evening light with lamps will not allow you to see tricky undertones (such as pink tones or green tones, etc) 
  •  Check out the fabrics in the correct area, West versus East, these can all affect the color.
  • Consider the hardwood stain, or carpet, and how it affects the wall color choice.   

6) Some experts say 96% of the population can't see color tones correctly. Is that the case with you or your spouse? If so, enlist the help of a designer! They'll help ensure you get a paint color that you LOVE!

A wall paint should compliment the carpet, art, rug, tile, hardwood floors and fabrics. A wall paint can really change your home, so if you're going to go to the trouble to paint, make sure it's a paint color you'll be happy with for years! It's not "just paint" it's lots of time and energy or expense. So, you might as well get it right the first time.

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Happy Painting!

1 comment:

Caroline Carrison said...

I soooo wish I had hired a designer before painting our house. I agonized over every room, could not visualize anything, studied blogs, painted large swaths of sample pants on the walls and still could not decide. When my best friend in DC hired a designer, that person just knew how the colors would look on the wall and she saved a ton of time and energy with a much better result.