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Saturday, April 23, 2016

On line design service versus a local interior designer, pros and cons.

Interior Decor products and Interior design services are available several ways:
a) on line
b) from furniture stores
c) from a local interior design firm.
We'll list the pros and cons, the feedback we've heard from clients, and expenses involved with each.

To decide between an on line interior design service versus a local interior designer, here are three questions to consider: 

1) Do I prefer to see merchandise in my home before making a decision?
If so, here are helpful questions:
  • Do you allow a 24 hour return policy?
  • Do you charge a restocking fee for returns? (Furniture stores normally charge 25% +)
  • Do you bring small swatches & photos? Or the actual rugs & fabrics?
  • Do I have to pay the return shipping costs? 
2) How do I prefer to spend my time? 
With on line design service,  there's no way to know exactly what you're getting until it's actually in your home. There is normally some combination of the following:
  • Wrapping & returning shipments that were not the quality expected
  • Wrapping & returning shipments that were not the color tone you expected
  • Wrapping & returning shipments because the size and scale did not work with your current items

3)  What is my experience with each of the below? 
  • Have I regretted a prior purchase because it was not as durable as it should have been? 
  • Have I made impulse purchases that I later regretted?
  • Have I purchased items which were not the right size and scale for the room? 
  • Do I have items from prior purchases that were not the comfort level I expected? 
To avoid issues, a local provider who allows in home viewing can be advantageous. The majority of furniture stores charge restocking fees for returns, so it's advantageous to check a local interior designer's terms for returns, 24 or 48 hour approval, and in home viewing.

Shopping for a home is not like shopping for clothing! Large items or breakable items are time consuming to unwrap or uncarton, move into place, then do the same to return them.

Happy Decorating!!  
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