Tall windows and short windows, what type window treatment?

Do you have windows that are different heights or shapes? There are solutions to make tall windows and short windows seem more cohesive, we’re featuring them below. Builders often mix different shape windows in the same room due to the exterior view, or due to their thought process on where the furniture should go. In […]

On line design service versus a local interior designer, pros and cons.

Interior Decor products and Interior design services are available several ways:a) on lineb) from furniture storesc) from a local interior design firm.We’ll list the pros and cons, the feedback we’ve heard from clients, and expenses involved with each. To decide between an on line interior design service versus a local interior designer, here are three […]

Selecting paint colors before moving into a new home, 6 designer tips!

What’s the best way to select wall paint colors before I move into my new home? Good question! All the famous designers and Houzz articles state that selecting paint “before you move in is a big mistake!” However —  we realize that sometimes it’s necessary to paint before you move in, so we’ll list 6 design […]

Best valances for windows with different sizes.

There are lots of valances that work great in a room with several windows that vary in width and length. Do you have a combination of double windows, single windows, or triple windows? Or several windows that all vary in size? There are lots of valances that work great in a room with several windows […]

5 fun ways to add color to a front porch! Just in time for spring!

Ready for your front porch to embrace spring with color? Even if you don’t have a green thumb (I certainly do not), there are other ways to add color! Below we’ll feature 5 inspiration photos for adding color to make your front entrance welcoming. Sometimes we tend to think with an ‘all or nothing’ mentality. […]

Window valance over shades or shutters, can I use both?

Can I add a window valance to shutters or blinds? We often get this question, and the answer is definitely yes! Especially since shutters and valances serve a different function. When adding a valance over privacy shutters or blinds, you’ll need to keep two things in mind. 1) The valance will need to be on a […]

Pros and cons to stage setting a home, 3 proven tips!

According to USA today article dated 4-27-15, “a home that is professionally staged will sell faster”.   How much faster? Read on for statistics from the National Association of Realtors.  Pro (Advantage of Home Staging): Per Chris Polychron, president of the NAR, More elaborate staging, such as repainting or nice new furniture & art can help. […]