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Friday, March 18, 2016

Which rooms are best for trees in decorating and home decor!

Are you trying to find just the right place for a large house plant on a plant stand or a tall tree in your home? Sure the window and lighting will affect your decisions, but if you have good light everywhere, we'll show you 4 places a tree or live greenery can look amazing in your home!

1) Add greenery to a white living room!
Plants and trees make this room feel more inviting! Imagine this room without the Fiddle Leaf fig tree, then it's easy to realize what an impact a live tree makes!

 2) Add greenery to improve a bare corner!

See below, the Palm tree and pottery help detract from the intake vent. Trees soften a bare corner, and make the room feel cozy.

 3) Greenery or a plant can complete a kitchen island! 

It adds height and a fresh nature touch to the room. If you don't have the floor space for a tree, this is the perfect alternative.

 4) Add greenery to compliment the outdoor view!

Notice how this palm tree lures you to the beautiful outdoor view! Better still, the tree detracts from the flat screen TV (far right), so it's not the main focal point on the left wall.

The tree above gives this living room a sunroom feel. It makes the room feel alive and complete!

If you have a favorite tree or a tree comment, we hope you'll share your thoughts - just click the word "comment" below.
A live tree can really add warmth to a room that feels like it needs something to feel complete. Your local nursery or garden shop can advise the best plant or tree for north, south, west or east sunshine, or for low light areas.

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