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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My spouse doesn't like contemporary, 4 tips for blending styles.

Do you love contemporary style furniture and decorating, but your spouse likes traditional? Or perhaps you both like contemporary, (or a clean transitional look) but you aren't sure how it will look in your traditional home?

It often comes down to communication. What is considered contemporary to one person might be called transitional or eclectic by another. And with home styles, often it just needs a tweak here or there, with light fixtures or other tricks of the trade for blending styles.

Here are 4 design tips to help communicate your contemporary decorating goals:  

1) Perhaps one spouse is visualizing a look that is too extreme?
  • When you say "contemporary" some people visualize all black leather and stainless steel, but maybe you simply meant abstract art & clean lines?
  • Or maybe you want clean contemporary fabric and rugs, instead of busy prints,  but you weren't sure how to convey it?

2) Perhaps your spouse has not been exposed to the same things you have?
  • High end design can be like acquiring a taste for wine, the more you're expose to, the more you appreciate it! Has your spouse looked through on line decorating sites as often as you have?
  • Try browsing sites together, to get ideas and feedback
  • There is quality contemporary, and low end, one is amazing, the other can look too trendy, check out the difference. 

3) Perhaps your spouse is worried the home will look too stark?
  • Compromise can go a long way, perhaps they need to feel you can meet in the middle on a few items? 
  • Perhaps they want a couple of rooms that conveys their personality, like a game room or library?  
  • You can bring in rich colors, wood tables or nice textures to warm up a modern style room. 

4) Maybe you just need to add some warmth through wood or stone? See below wooden stairs and stone fireplace!

Notice how the wood and stone add warmth to the room!
Contemporary and modern style furniture

Contemporary furniture can look good in a traditional style home!  Contemporary might be the way you describe the art, or fabrics, lighting, and rugs, but the furniture itself might be more transitional....there are various ways to incorporate contemporary and still compromise with a spouse who likes more traditional. It's all about communication, compromise, and visuals. We're here to help! Call us or email us today! 

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