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Friday, March 25, 2016

Glass doors versus mirror or solid in the kitchen, 7 pros and cons for your cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet doors have beautiful options! Glass or mirrors doors have several advantages (in comparison to solid wood doors). There are so many decisions to make when planning a kitchen that this one may seem unimportant, but it is a decision that has tremendous impact! We'll list the pros and cons of glass doors below, based on feedback we've heard from clients through the years. 

Advantages of glass doors in the kitchen:
  • Glass doors make the room feel more "open", in a small kitchen this is helpful!
  • Glass doors make the room feel more light filled. If you have a room without a lot of windows, they can be a nice touch! 
  • Glass doors can add architectural appeal, as shown in the beautiful cabinets below. 
White kitchen cabinets with glass doors on the upper cabinets
Disadvantages of glass doors:
  1. Glass doors mean you have to keep the content of the cabinet neat
  2. Glass doors need interior lighting to serve their purpose, so this adds an expense.
  3. Glass doors reduce the "functional: space to store less attractive pieces like canned goods, blenders, etc. 
  4. As for an alternative solution - Mirror doors solve all the disadvantages of glass doors!

Mirror doors instead of glass on these kitchen cabinets

In this Greensboro, NC kitchen, we added glass doors and lights
A combination of glass doors with wooden doors is perfect in a kitchen. As for how t decide which doors should be glass? Here are 4 tips 

1) consider function and symmetry. 
2) If it's close to a dishwasher, perhaps you have pretty dishes to display? 
3) If it's close to a cooking center, you might prefer functional items like mixers, food processors etc that are best behind wood doors. 
4) Ask yourself, what's my focal point? This can be helpful to find the perfect spot for a glass or mirror kitchen door. 

Questions? email or call us today! Comments? Click the word "comment" below. We love feedback! 
Glass doors can make a kitchen update or remodel more interesting! Don't hesitate to add a few, when planning your kitchen.

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