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Friday, March 4, 2016

Flat paint versus satin or eggshell, which do designers & painters recommend?

If you're interested in the pros and cons of flat paint, satin paint, or eggshell, this blog is for you! We'll list the 10 advantages and disadvantages of flat paints versus gloss paints, based on years of feedback! 

Advantages to flat paint:

  • With flat paint, you can hide sheet rock imperfections. Many builders prefer flat paints, it's considered easy application. 
  • In a two story room with lots of sun light, any imperfections or sheet rock "seams" are not as easy to spot with flat paint.
  • You can repair or patch the wall with flat paint. Just paint a small section with a disposable foam brush!
  • Flat paint is often easier for a beginner to use, (for someone who doesn't have experience as a painter). 
  • Flat paint is normally recommended on ceilings, so no imperfections show.

Advantages to eggshell or satin paint:

  • Fans of eggshell and satin paints like the luxurious "sheen" 
  • With eggshell or gloss paints, you can wipe the wall with a damp cloth.  
  • Paints with a sheen are normally preferred and recommended for trim and hand rails.
  • It is a popular choice in kitchens and bathrooms, where you need to wipe down the walls.

Disadvantages to eggshell or satin paint:

  • You cannot patch paint a small "section". In order to cover a spot, you have to paint all the way to a corner (because it's hard to hide the stop and start areas where you painted over a small section). 
  • If you move art work often, the patching may require repainting the entire wall.

As you can see, there are advantages to both flat paint and satin or gloss paints. It’s personal preference! In our experience about 50% of our clients strongly prefer flat paint, and the other 50% feel eggshell or satin is the only way to go. 

As a designer, I don't have a preference for sheet rock (the walls). For moldings and trim, I do think some paint brands have too much gloss, which others are just a nice sheen. Too high of a gloss can scream for attention if you are painting your stair hand rails black or a really dark color.  It never hurts to try a $7 sample can before you paint the entire house!

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1 comment:

Nick Rauen said...

We suffered the expense of repainting. We learned the hard way that there's no such thing as "basic taupe and gray". It had a pink cast in one room, and clashed with the carpet in the main living room. Good tips for getting it right the first time.