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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Add rustic wood beams to a contemporary room - 4 unique ways!

Don't you just love the warmth & character that rustic wood beams provide? Wood beams aren't just for ceilings, that's an expensive place to add them, because you'd need 5 to 10 beams. If you want to add wood beams on a limited budget, we'll show you 4 inspiration photos! Even if the rest of your room has white trim, wood beams can be a nice addition to a contemporary room. 

4 clever (and easy) ways to add warmth with a wood beam:

1) Add a rustic wood beam as a mantle! 
  • Notice how the wood is a nice contrast next to the white painted brick fireplace! It's a thick beam, so it can hold it's own on this large fireplace. 
  • The wood mantle helps the rooms flow. It repeats the stained wood shown on the focal wall with the flat screen TV. 

Rustic beam was used for the fireplace mantle to accentuate the painted brick fireplace

2) A single rustic beam can make a great "faux" support beam. (see below LEFT). 

  • Even though it's not needed for support, the wood column adds architectural appeal. 
  • The trim is all white so the rustic beam is a great way to give the foyer character! 

3) Wood beam can surround a niche or recessed area! 

  • Notice how they draw attention to the architecture!
  • All the other trim and moldings in the room are white, so this wood is a nice contrast.  

Below - a wood beam works great even in an all white room!

In the contemporary mini bar (below), rustic wood shelves add character.
 Imagine the space without the wood, it makes quite an impact!

4) Wood beams can make great shelves! 

  • Perhaps for a mini bar? 
  • A basement kitchen? 
  • Or how about a wooden shelf as a display area in a man cave?   

A recent client who had a beam left over after transforming an old barn into a contemporary home used it as a "faux" beam. It was not needed for support, but they placed it so that it looked as if it were a support beam. Or, as shown above, wood beams are great to use for mantles, shelves, room dividers, or faux support, even when the room does not need a support beam.

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1 comment:

Nick Rauen said...

Combining wood with white trim - maybe that's the best way to combine my love for wood with my partner's preference for white moldings. I find all the white to be too stark.