Glass doors versus mirror or solid in the kitchen, 7 pros and cons for your cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet doors have beautiful options! Glass or mirrors doors have several advantages (in comparison to solid wood doors). There are so many decisions to make when planning a kitchen that this one may seem unimportant, but it is a decision that has tremendous impact! We’ll list the pros and cons of glass doors below, […]

Window treatments for commercial spaces & furniture showrooms, 5 design tips.

The best window treatments for a commercial space or furniture showroom will solve 6 criteria, listed below. Notice the linen we suggested for the showroom below, in a neutral tone so it doesn’t compete with merchandise that is for sale. More importantly, the linen is sheer so the room still gets lots of light, even […]

What type crown molding with a coffered or tray ceiling?

Does a room with a coffered ceiling need crown moldings? Do crown molding have to be the same in every room? These are good questions! It’s often hard for clients to visualize what size molding and where to stop moldings, since the builder asks you to sign off on them early in the remodeling or […]

Add rustic wood beams to a contemporary room – 4 unique ways!

Don’t you just love the warmth & character that rustic wood beams provide? Wood beams aren’t just for ceilings, that’s an expensive place to add them, because you’d need 5 to 10 beams. If you want to add wood beams on a limited budget, we’ll show you 4 inspiration photos! Even if the rest of […]

Flat paint versus satin or eggshell, which do designers & painters recommend?

If you’re interested in the pros and cons of flat paint, satin paint, or eggshell, this blog is for you! We’ll list the 10 advantages and disadvantages of flat paints versus gloss paints, based on years of feedback!  Advantages to flat paint: With flat paint, you can hide sheet rock imperfections. Many builders prefer flat […]

My spouse doesn’t like contemporary, 4 tips for blending styles.

Do you love contemporary style furniture and decorating, but your spouse likes traditional? Or perhaps you both like contemporary, (or a clean transitional look) but you aren’t sure how it will look in your traditional home? It often comes down to communication. What is considered contemporary to one person might be called transitional or eclectic […]