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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Do I need an interior designer and a kitchen designer both? 6 designer tips!

Do I need an Interior Designer as well as a kitchen designer? The kitchen planner will normally provide kitchen layout options and spec in certain cabinets that fit in the space. The interior designer will help you with decisions that affect the "overall" plan. An interior designer will make suggestions that are "outside the box" to make sure your tile back splash, cabinets, or remodeling changes will look their best, for the best possible price. 

A few examples of what the interior designer will solve. For a few examples:
  • How to make a kitchen remodel blend with the home's existing style. 
  • Combining your taste with your spouse's taste. 
  • Which cabinets will compliment the hardwoods or existing trim paint?
  • What wall paint color is best? 
  • Which pendant lights work well with the light over the table? 
  • Ways to save money!!! 

Here are 7 changes we made to recent kitchen designer's specifications:   

1) Which white for kitchen cabinets. 
There are hundreds of whites and off whites. It's important to consider how the kitchen cabinet white will work with the trim in the rest of the house! By recommending the correct white, we helped homeowners avoid the expense of repainting all their trim, or having their trim look dingy. 

2) The cabinet style.   
Oh all the choices! Craftsmen versus traditional. Bead board versus raised panels. Formal versus casual. Period versus modern. An interior designer can help make sure a remodeled kitchen flows with the rest of the home. They should know your taste and style, then help you achieve it!

3) Size and scale adjustments.  
Cad drawings can be misleading, for example, if you've been used to 9' ceilings in your old home, but will have 10' ceilings in your new's not easy to visualize since the day you order the custom cabinets the room will be wall studs! This can affect many decisions, such as the stove hood shape the pendant light size, the height of the cabinets, and much more. 

4) The kitchen budget versus the overall budget.
This one is crucial!! If a client tells us they are ready to update their old living room furniture, or that they're tired of their dated style throughout the home, it's our job to make sure they don't go over budget in a kitchen remodel. 
If the only advice you get is from people who SELL the kitchen cabinets, the granite & tile, etc. you may end up going over budget. The old saying "two heads are better than one" is true. It never hurts to get an hour or two of design assistance, it may save you a great deal of money in the long run. 

5) Hiding electrical outlets. 
There's no need for them ruin the look of your tile back splash! A qualified designer can guide electricians to the best ways to hide electrical outlets. This can make or break the look of an island and a backsplash! 

6) Mood lighting.
Lights above and below the cabinets. These are more expensive to add once the room is done, but easy if you specify them in the early stages before the cabinets are installed. 

7) A better looking stove hood!! 
Designer's will think in creative ways, so you aren't limited to what the kitchen store "normally sells"

Tile, lighting, cabinet stain colors make this basement kitchen perfect for a man cave. 
 Ceiling heights affect the stove hood and lighting choices, below. 

A modern kitchen fits this modern loft (below) 

Below is how the home looked when recent Greensboro, NC homeowners had to sign off on a custom kitchen cabinet order, as well as the tile & lighting order. It is often hard for a home owner to visualize at this stage. 

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A second set of eyes can be very helpful when planning a kitchen. An interior designer can help you visualize and make decisions, ones the kitchen designer may not do.
Unless you've remodeled several kitchens or built a few homes, know that a designer's experience can be invaluable. They can point out things the kitchen planner may not have time to go over, regarding color tones, size and scale, style options, budgeting for the remodel, and more. They can help you narrow it down so the decision process is easier.


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