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Monday, January 18, 2016

How to make my rooms look more upscale and contemporary without replacing the furniture?

Want your rooms to convey fun, sexy, fresh, updated, contemporary, and higher quality? Well you're not alone! Every week clients ask for unique exciting styles, and a home that doesn't feel like their great grand parent's home. They tell us they want their home to be a place they love to come home to and love to entertain! And the good news is, you don't have to remodel,  or take on extensive home improvement project, or replace your furniture in order to make a big impact!  

It's possible to give a traditional home a fresh attractive vibe with just a few quick changes! And since a picture is worth a thousand words, it's easier to SHOW you how to accomplish this with photos - which we'll do below.  And yes, you can accomplish this fresh new look even if you can't replace all your furniture. 

Here's 5 quick change design tips which help create a fun fresh look!  

1) Large abstract art!

We list this as number one because large colorful abstract art is the master for updating a room!  

When we hold up large abstract art like in the photo below, the entire "mood" of the room changes! People normally GASP when they see the impact this type of art makes. Notice how it adds much needed color and texture? This especially works if the art is a large size and scale! 

In the space below, (left of the fireplace), many people place a console table with accessories. Instead, notice how vertical art draws the eye up, to compliment the tall fireplace surround. 

Nothing updates a room faster than large abstract art 

2) A rich deep wall color..... like below:

Perhaps you're ready for a daring wall color in at least one area of the house? This can look great on one accent wall or in a recessed niche, or on the back of your built in wall unit.   In the room below the dark gray or charcoal wall color gives the room a sexy masculine feeling. And the reason it looks so good? Again, due to the large contemporary art! Another great place to experiment is the wall behind the bed, or the wall behind your desk in a study or home office.

A rich paint color makes for an exciting room

3) Less is more!

Perhaps you need to toss some of your existing hand me down furniture? Ask yourself, is my furniture dragging down the style of the room? Do they reflect my taste and style? If not, edit!

Then take it a step further, is the big old fashioned lounge chair overpowering my room? Could I borrow a chair from another room? Think outside the box, and go for a "less is more" clean look!

If your goal is to have a sexy fresh updated room, perhaps all you have to do is edit! This sensuous style is the same reason we like a 5 star hotel room, with a clean contemporary look.

This bedroom feels spacious due to the built in wall shelf as a nightstand

4) Add TEXTURE!! 

Think Leather, fur, chenille, sisal, linen, and most of all - original artwork! If it's like the textures below, you'll want to run your fingers through them, which will instantly give a room a sexy vibe. From the sheer white drapes on the window treatment to the fur pillows and leather ottoman, this room has a metropolitan appeal. 

If you prefer not to add as many as shown below, try adding a leather ottoman (as shown), or a sisal rug, and linen sheers on the window.  If you aren't game for a fur pillow, perhaps once you run your toes through one you'll be willing to have a fur Rug beside the bed!  See fur rug below. 

The faux fur, leather, white linen and soft rug add much needed textures to an otherwise bland room

A fur rug or leather hide feel great on bare feet. Notice the
personality it adds to make this bedroom more unique and fun!
5) A sexy light fixture!

This is important in the bedroom, and even in the living room. The room below could've felt country cottage, but with this stunning light fixture, it's instantly fun and  unique. And, sorry to be repetitive, but once again - notice abstract art adds to the fresh updated vibe.

Nothing dates a room faster than leaving the original chandelier or ceiling fan the builder used. The original chandelier was probably not the best pick, because when building a new home, the lighting selections are often about staying within the lighting allowance!

A sexy fun light fixture is an unexpected touch 

Maybe you feel like your sofa, bed, dining table or other pieces are too "expected" or too traditional for your current taste? Maybe you want a fun exciting look, but don't want it to look like a bachelor pad? You can try any combination of the above 5 steps, and we're confident you'll see a huge improvement. And if you're only willing to try a couple of them, know that #1 and #3 are pretty much non negotiable for a fresh exciting look.

For more rooms photos of unique art and colors, see this link:

If you want to instantly create an exciting style without replacing your traditional furniture, try any combination of these 5 design tips.  Abstract art, light fixtures, texture, and a unique wall colors can transform a room from serious to sexy instantly!


Valerie Peterkin said...

Our prior designer tried to push us to start from scratch and throw out everything! Your blog photos are PROOF that we can accomplish a lot
through fresh new art, lighting, etc.
Keep the photos coming!!

Barbara Terry said...

Furniture store “collections” are SO generic.
I love the furniture we’ve collected through the years.
Your tips for updating it are great!
Especially about editing and vertical art!

Richard Ford said...

An awesome light fixture with the right abstract art can totally change the feel of a room. Your recommendations were spot on!