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Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to find the right art for my space, 10 helpful design tips!

Do you get compliments on your art?
Do your friends tell you "your art makes the room!"

If not, know that once you find the right art it can be the touch that brings all the rooms together. If it's the right size and shape, it can even make a room feel larger, and make ceilings feel taller! Below we'll share 10 interior design tips to find art that compliments your space.

Selecting art that is the correct is not easy! In fact, it makes shopping for rugs or furniture seem like a piece of cake!  

Perhaps you've been searching for art for a long time? Do you get caught up in the question  "do I like the subject matter?"  That's the reason most people don't buy art. They wait for a scene or a look they created in their mind that just doesn't exist! They imagine a hillside or pond which again, just doesn't exist. Or they find art they like but the color combination is wrong, or the price is too high.

Imagine this room without the art, it's what makes the space unique!

Are you tempted to give up on the search for art and do one of these?

1) Just hang a mirror -
After all, it would be easier! But you have to ask yourself, is the mirror going to reflect something beautiful? Or is it just a reflection of the dated ceiling fan, the plain ceiling, or a busy bookcase? Could the room look more interesting with color and texture? Something more unique than a mirror? Check out our blog link below, which shows rooms where we replaced a mirror with art!! It can really make an impact.

2) Hang a grouping of small art, or photos - 
Sometimes a grouping or collage can end up looking like a hodgepodge. Don't get me wrong, they're great in the right spot, perhaps a hallway, or a landing of the stairs? But a collage is not the best option in a large room or a room with large furniture (such as a big sofa or a fireplace). Large art helps "balance" the size and scale of large furniture, and yes, even that big flat screen TV! Also, framing 3 to 5 small pieces can add up to just as much money as one amazing piece of art.

3) Hang a "temporary" piece -
People often tell us they've searched for years for art they love. In the mean time, they hang "temporary" art. But if the art is too small, or too serious, or too formal. If art doesn't fit your personality, or is too serious or formal, it's best to not hang anything at all!

Tall ceilings and large rooms require large art. This canvas is 60", which in an art gallery may seem too large,
Once in the room, against the gray walls and light color sofa, the art added the impact and light colors the room needed. 

Imagine this sofa without the abstract art above it.  the colorful art adds much needed layers of colors and textures.
Contemporary art can make traditional furniture seem fresh, fun, and updated. 

To find the right art for your space, here are 10 helpful questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is it the correct Size and Scale?  - Does it make my room look cluttered and small?
  2. Does it convey the MOOD I want? Example, does it make the room less formal, or less traditional, more personality filled & fresh.   
  3. Shape  - Avoid a horizontal, unless you have high ceilings and a large room. Horizontal art can make the ceiling feel lower! 
  4.  Color combination - do the colors do well next to the rug? sofa? other art? Granted, the colors do not have to match the space! But do they compliment your fabrics, rug and other artwork? 
  5. Texture ? original art with texture is always a bonus! 
  6. Flow? Does it fight with or compete with the existing art? 
  7. Price - is it within my budget goals? People often think emotionally when it comes to art. They say things like "I realize it's a great piece, but I don't LOVE it, I wanted a scene with trees".  Well, that's when you have to ask yourself, am I willing to blow our entire budget on art? Am I willing to pay much more art for this one wall? Do we still need lamps, window treatments, rugs & updated window treatments? 
  8. Picture frame? Art that is already framed will save you from expensive custom framing! Have you priced a custom frame job lately? One average size piece can easily be over $700 or much more if it's large art.
  9.  Unique? Example not from the local Pier One Imports or a mail order source that everyone else is using. Ask yourself, do I want to walk into a friend or neighbor's house and see the exact same piece? Or would I prefer it be a reflection of my own sense of style and taste? After all, it's probably a main focal piece!
  10. Not too busy?  Are my rugs or fabrics busy?  
To find art for this Greensboro, NC home, we found a local artist. This two story height needed large art.
The fireplace (left) and tumbled stone was beautiful, so we found a soothing water scene that didn't compete.
Best of all, this art came in under budget for the space!  

      Now, where to find great art? 

  •        You can look at a local art gallery, though the prices will be steep! 
  •        You can ask a qualified interior designer in your area. Be sure to ask if they have art in stock. It's best to see art in person, in your actual home, instead of ordering it! Viewing the actual piece instead of a web site or catalog can save you from costly mistakes!
  •       You can have it commissioned by a local artist. However, if you request custom that can take awhile and the artist's vision might be completely different than what you had in mind. It's best to have your designer show you art that is already complete, perhaps from Local artists in the Greensboro and Winston Salem, NC area?

To find local art for this High Point, NC home, we found a local artist.
This contemporary art helped add a fresh vibe to the clients very traditional furniture.

Modern art in a craftsmen style traditional home.

    As a design firm we search for art from local artists in Greensboro, NC and Winston Salem, NC. We also search through galleries and showrooms in California, Vegas, Atlanta, Chicago and High Point Markets. After all, art can make or break a room! 

      Are you trying to decide between art and a mirror? Or what art to put over a mantle? 

      Here's a popular blog to address that question - with before and after photos!


Barbara Terry said...

We spent too many years settling for a collage which was always crooked!
My hubby and I will use your 10 question guide for finding a nice large piece of art, thanks!

Allison Craven said...

Unfortunately we did just that! We caved and did the ‘just hang a mirror’ route!
We have far too much invested in these huge ornate mirrors to replace them now.
I wish I could cheer up my rooms with color! UUUG.

Uppr9mom said...

I spent years hanging horizontal pictures or nothing at all. I cannot wait to see the new art we chose with you hanging on the wall.

Tisha Hairston said...

The big art just makes the room! For me the more abstract, the better. I HATE it when someone fills a wall with lots of tiny art or photos.