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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Drapes on both sides of the window or one side only? 7 pros and cons.

There are advantages to hanging drapes on one side of the window, instead of both sides. They can still function, as a one way draw. 
There's also times when it's more advantageous to hang drapes on both sides of the window, for a center draw. Deciding between the two options is actually pretty easy, once you consider the 7 pros and cons listed below. 

1) One drape will make the room feel wider!

 If the room is narrow, drapes on one side of the window (called outside mount) will make the room feel wider. See Below, if we had used 4 drapes on the mirror wall, it would not have felt as spacious. Two drapes only have a way of "framing" the room. 

Also, we now have enough space to add a serving cart under the mirror (between the windows).

In Progress
BEFORE Below  

2) Less drapes won't over power the room!
There are times when a room needs drapes on both sides of the windows, such as when the windows are too small, or when you need it for privacy. There are other situations when it looks better with just two panels, as shown below.

Below, there was only one panel used on each window flanking the fireplace. (outside mount only). 
EIGHT drapery panels would've overpowered the room, SIX panels was a better look in this small room. 

3) To allow room for ART!

Below, 4 panels would not have allowed sufficient room for artwork. By hanging a single panel on each window instead of two, it allowed plenty of space for art. Hanging drapes on the outsides only often makes the room feel larger. It depends on the room of course, each one room will dictate what will look best. 

Drapes are on one side of the window only in this room (outside mount)

4) Less drape panels = Less expensive!

It's much less expensive to only pay seamstress labor and yardage for two drapes than four, so unless you need the privacy or have a wide window that requires two panels, it's a  great way to save money.

3 advantages of drapes on both sides of a window, for a center draw:

1) The biggest advantage of a pair is they can cover the entire window, when it's a wide window.

2) A pair of drapes allows a symmetrical look, which can be very attractive!

3) If you're getting store bought drapes (instead of custom), you'll have to have a pair on each window instead of one drape, because the drapes will not be nearly as wide, and would look very skimpy.


Garth Chamberlain said...

The color scheme is impeccable. I love the light blue with the black and white, and the chandelier adds a very nice touch. Very tasteful.

Malaunia Williams said...

I like that your drapes aren't too formal and heavy.