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Friday, January 29, 2016

Does every window need the same window treatment?

Do all my windows have to have drapes or the same style window treatment? Often people are concerned that they have to put the same style drape on every window. Perhaps the person who sells the custom window treatments told you to keep them all the same? Or perhaps you're having trouble visualizing what it will look like to mix and match valances with drapes, or roman shades with drapes? You're not alone on this!

Here's a couple of good questions to ask yourself:
1) Do we only need privacy on one wall?
2) Are we trying to keep a "light" (not heavy or formal) look.

It's totally acceptable to leave some windows blank, or to combine different window treatments in the same room. The more room photos you look through, the more you'll find it's done quite often!

Below we'll show designer rooms in which they only put window treatments or drapes on some of the windows, not all of them. In some cases the windows are a different shape or size, in other cases they are all the same. Either way, it can look great to mix and match, or to leave some windows bare. 
The sitting area has drapes, but more drapes would've overpowered the area where the baby grand piano is.
Roman shades were a good alternative in that section.

Below, the RIGHT window was to the screened in porch, so there was no need for privacy. On the LEFT  side (not shown), there was not a privacy need. So, the only wall that needed drapes was the main focal point wall, on each side of the fireplace, as shown.  

Now, if we hadn't pointed out the fact that we put window treatments on one wall only, you probably wouldn't even have noticed. Either way, it's totally acceptable to do what you prefer, and only cover the windows where you need light control or privacy.

Once you start looking at beautiful room photos on line, you'll notice there are often rooms which have window treatments on some windows, but not others. Whether it be a roman shade, drapes, shutters, or valances, there are times when it's not necessary to put them on all the windows. And best of all - if you don't like the partial look, you can always add window treatments to the rest of the windows!! Looking through older blogs you'll get lots of window treatment ideas!

AFTER above, BEFORE below
In this Greensboro, NC home, the windows looked narrow on each side of the fireplace! (Before)
The windows looked much bigger after adding an outside mounted drape. 
The triple windows on the other hand, did not need drapes, it faced the screened in porch. 

The back wall has drapes, but the triple window (left side) does not have a window treatment.

The more room room photos you look at, the more combination of window treatment styles you'll see! Windows without a window treatment can look fine if it's in a room where they're only needed in certain areas.

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To see more before and after ideas, for rooms with different shaped windows, or a combination of different window treatment styles, check out this blog link!


Allison Craven said...

We avoided drapes for years, your photos gave me the idea of putting them on the east and west walls where the evening sun is harsh. PLEASE keep posts about mixing window treatments styles coming!! I need visuals.

Alicia Perkins said...

I’m SO glad you talked us out of drapes on every window, I see now that it is better to get a little variety when the room is massive. You talked yourself out of a sale but in the long run
We’ll be referring our friends to you!