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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Top 7 Interior design trends and colors for 2016 ?

Interior design trends for 2016 will be affected by Benjamin Moore's color of the year, "Simply White". Also affecting design in 2016 are the baby boomers, they're ready for a change! Here we'll list 7 new interior design trends for color, style, function, and expressing yourself!

People are requesting Lighter, Brighter rooms that are clutter free!
  • Perhaps because children are going away to college?   
  • Perhaps because eyes feel "strained" as we get older?  
  • Perhaps it's due to a desire to slow down, and enjoy one's home. Life can be busy, it's nice to come home to a light filled, clean & clutter free home.
  • Many rooms feature abstract art, contemporary art, with soothing colors.   

This room reflects the new trend toward brighter and light filled rooms, with white walls and fabrics.

Here are 7 design trends predicted for 2016: 
People are replacing drapes that block daylight. We often get requests for drapes that are hung OUTSIDE of the window frame so they don't block any light. This allows a privacy solution when needed. Taller drapes, hung above the window frame make ceilings feel taller.

New drapes are taller than the old, the blinds and drapes can be open so that the room is light filled

What is layered lighting? It's the lighting that makes a room cozy, through the addition of floor lamps, recessed lighting, lighting above and below kitchen cabinets & light fixtures which keep in mind wattage and number of bulbs. People look better when they're not under overhead lights only. And it will "set the mood" for a good party if you have layered lighting.

The rugs below reflect the lighter colors to replace "very busy & dark" rugs. Multi tone shags are in style because they're so easy to find fabrics to go with, and they hide everything. You'll have to remind yourself to vacume it!!

Abstract art is a great way to update traditional furniture! With color trends being cheerful & more intense than prior years.

Abstract art looks great on these white walls next to the neutral rug and sofa

Stone, concrete, metal, wood, these add texture and are a nice change to all dark woods. 
See the round end table shown - you don't even need a coaster!

Tables with stone, iron, metal are all current design trends

Whether you have teens or grandchildren -  it's a win win. 
Edit, but be sure to keep your favorite things - display them so the rooms reflects your personality.

This bookcase helps the homeowner add a personal touch to the room

These are just some things clients tell us they like - - which is the same feedback we heard a year ago!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Design trends and preferences for 2016 are for rooms that are light filled, colorful, and functional! The days of "no children allowed" and "you can't go in there!!" are gone. Baby boomers want rooms to be both appealing to the eye AND family friendly. They're replacing formal areas with relaxing rooms. They love homes that reflect their personality, instead of looking like a furniture showroom.  

What's your opinion of which design trends should stay or go in 2016? 
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Mary-Howell Moore said...

I really like the stone top table, but I have small children and would be afraid of injuries. What can I do in place of it?

Tiffany Patterson said...

Yes, a durable sofa fabric is a must. I purchased a new sofa and it began to have these fuzzy worn spots after only a month.

Eric Pope said...

I don’t follow trends, I’d rather do what I personally like. In this case though I must admit the idea of lighter brighter rooms is appealing!

Garth Chamberlain said...

The eclectic use of serious and less formal decor is great! The elephants bring a lot of character to the room while still maintaining a cozy and warm feel. Love it!