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Monday, December 21, 2015

Should I replace my loveseat with a pair of chairs? 5 pros and cons!

Is a pair of chairs better than a loveseat? That's a question we get asked every week! A love seat often comes as part of a set, when you purchase furniture off a showroom floor. Many people tell us they would not have ordered a loveseat, but were required to buy a "matching set".

A loveseat has 5 big disadvantages. 

This is based on feedback we hear from clients. Below, we'll show before and after rooms, in which we replace a loveseat with a pair of chairs.

Why do stores sell loveseat and sofa sets? 

Because it's easier! Think about it - there's no need to search for a style, comfort, and fabric that coordinates with the sofa. It allows a quick sale, a quick solution if you will.

The salesperson doesn't have to spend hours to find a fabric, comfort, style, and shape chair that you may (or may not) agree with.


5 DISADVANTAGES OF A LOVESEAT, instead of a pair of chairs:

1)Two large adults will rarely sit on a loveseat.
Especially two men. Have you noticed that? They'll often go get a dining chair instead, if there's already a large adult on a loveseat.

2) It will make your room look smaller. 
A short sofa is a more "dense" look in comparison to two chairs. It often blocks off a room.

3) You can't put an end table in the middle.
You lose the ability for people to set down a drink, or for a lamp.

4)  It's harder to arrange a room layout with a loveseat.
A pair of chairs can be on an angle, or put in corners, or flanking each side of a fireplace, etc.

5) A loveseat blocks more light. 
That is... if it's in front of a window it definitely blocks more light than a pair of chairs.


1) One piece such as a short sofa or loveseat is normally less expensive than a pair of chairs. 

2) A child, or short adult can lay down on a loveseat.

3) Perhaps you like snuggling up on a loveseat!
It all depends on how the room will function. Do you want to curl up with children or a loved one? Or is the room more for each adult to have their own lounge chair?

AFTER Above (Before below)

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Now that we've listed the pros and cons we hear, we'd love your feedback! We based this on feedback of advantages and disadvantages from clients, but we'd love to also hear from you! 

Which do you prefer? A matching love seat, or a couple of lounge chairs?  Just click the word "comment" below.

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