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Monday, December 14, 2015

Pattern versus solid rug, 6 pros and cons for which rug style is best?

There are pros and cons for a solid rug versus a print rug, or even a shag rug. Often people tell us they worry that their room will be boring unless they get a rug with a busy print. Quite the contrary, you can have patterns and prints on your pillows, art, accessories or drapes. Here's the pros and cons of a solid rug versus a rug with a pattern:

1) A solid rug makes it easy to change pillows & fabrics.
It's nice not to be locked in. See photos below. You can even change your pillows with Spring or Fall season!

2) A solid rug can create a soothing clean look. 
We hear positive feedback often that people prefer tone on tone rugs, to make the room feel "soothing" or less "busy". In today's hectic lives, a soothing room is nice to come home to!

AFTER above, with soft green rug, BEFORE below

AFTER Above, Before Below 

3) A solid rug can have great texture, like a shag rug. 
Today's shag rugs aren't the same as shag rugs from the 1960's! Quality shags have 3 advantages. 
  •  They're made with fibers that are soft to the touch 
  •  They don't "mat into clumps". 
  •  They're more durable! 
The shag rug we added to this room feels amazing to the touch, and the multi tone colors of taupe, ivory and gray make it easy to work with for changing out pillows, art, and accessories. 
The rug content is important. We could talk for hours about Olefin versus Polyester versus Rayon versus Viscose & Wool - the percentage of each will affect a rug's durability. There's a vast difference between high quality shag rugs and the lower price point rugs. I know, as I tried one of the cheaper imitation rugs in our own family room!

4) A tone on tone rug doesn't "back you into a corner" for adding a cocktail ottoman or drape fabric. 
See this photo, with an interesting fabric.

Now for the flip side - Advantages of a print rug:

1) A rug with a pattern can be interesting - perhaps that's your personal preference.
If so, it is helpful to purchase everything at the same time, the pillows, the art, the rug...... because later, when the rug is at home it is hard to visualize unless you take things home and try them in the room.

2) A medallion pattern is often a more traditional look.  If the rest of your home is traditional, perhaps that's will help your home flow from room to room.

For more before and after room photos, with tips about how to make a busy or dark oriental rug work, check out this blog:

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What's YOUR opinion about which rug style is best? A tone on tone subtle rug is easy to work with and often timeless. A print rug is a personal preference to others. We love hearing your opinions, ideas and thoughts....just click the word "comment" below...

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Malaunia Williams said...

Sometimes pattern rugs can be too uch much for a room.