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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How to make an all white kitchen warmer and more colorful?

If your kitchen feels like Mr Clean, all white and no color, here's 5 options to make your kitchen warmer or more colorful, as an alternative to painting the cabinets!

1) Paint the ceiling! 

It's a fun way to add color in an all white kitchen, if you have a good stopping point. Crown molding or beam ceilings often solve this and create a solution for where the paint can stop. 

2) Add colorful fabrics in a window seat, or by recovering kitchen chairs. 

Kitchens have lots of flat surfaces, in wood, stone, tile, it's refreshing to bring in fabrics for texture and color. Window seats are probably one of the most requested looks because of this. 

3) Add metal!  

Perhaps a stainless steel or copper hood? Perhaps with nail head trim? Metal adds a bit of an industrial flair, and there's nothing like the combination of wood with metal and glass. 

4) Add glass doors and lights in kitchen cabinets!

That allows you to display colorful pottery & dishes. Glass works well in the cabinets that are a focal point, or when you can go symmetrical.
Glass doors, lights, and colorful pottery make this all white kitchen less white!

5) Add colorful window treatments!

The window valance and the drapes add cheerful color, which looks great next to the white cabinets!

An all white kitchen doesn't have to look sterile. Whether you add color in fabric, the ceiling, the inside of the cabinets, or create a new way of your own, your kitchen can be a cozy and inviting space.
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Tiffany Patterson said...

I now have the courage to paint my ceiling in my kitchen.