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Thursday, December 31, 2015

4 unique places to hang a chandelier!

Trying to find a unique spot to hang a chandelier? If you have an extra chandelier - here's 4 great places to consider.

Here are four places which might not be the "norm", but they can be a fun change. And if you don't have an extra chandelier, perhaps this will give you a great excuse to replace your dining chandelier ? Often it was selected by the builder, or wasn't your first choice, but you needed to stay within a lighting allowance.

What better excuse to update your dining room with a new chandelier! It helps to know you have a great spot you can use your old chandelier!

1) A chandelier is great in a bedroom sitting area!

Notice the pair of chairs below, the chandelier over the oval cocktail table "settles" the space, and makes it more inviting! Imagine this light fixture on a dimmer at night!

Chandelier above cocktail table in sitting area of master bedroom

2) A chandelier in the living room

It's is over a large cocktail table - you probably won't have to worry about the ceiling being too low to hang a chandelier. Perhaps your ceilings are lower than you'd like? If the light is directly over a table, like in the below photo, it allows you to have a hanging light fixture.

This crystal chandelier is fun because it adds another element - glass mixed in with all the wood, metal and fabrics! Often people still have the builder grade ceiling fan, which doesn't give the room much personality.

Chandelier in main living room

3) Hang a light fixture over a nightstand!

This has always been a favorite spot for a chandelier, if you have matching nightstands it's great to hang a pair of chandeliers over each. If you're more eclectic, one chandelier looks great like the photo below. Notice how much of an impact it makes in this bedroom!

Chandelier over a nightstand

4) Can I hang a chandelier over the bathtub? 

Quite often the answer is yes! It's totally based on code restrictions in your area, a local electrician can advise. He'll be able to tell you what works in your area. If your bathtub currently has a recessed light, it's easy to convert it to a light kit that is meant for a ceiling fan or chandelier. If you aren't able to add a light fixture over your bathtub, you can always put a one over a large ottoman in the center of the bathroom.

4) Hang a chandelier in a corner!

I love chandeliers in any corner, of a family room over a chair, in the corner over a round table, even in this kitchen corner, over the sink! Pendant lights and chandeliers add so much personality to a space.

A Chandelier can be in various places in the home, they're not limited to dining rooms only. If you have a tall foyer, that's always a great spot too.

Interested in ways to add more light to your home? Check out this great blog for having a more LIGHT FILLED HOME: an idea of your own? We love feedback! Click the word "comment" below....


Tiffany Patterson said...

The chandelier in the bedroom sitting area is so romantic!

Garth Chamberlain said...

Having a chandelier in a corner is GENIUS! I never would have thought to do that!