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Friday, November 20, 2015

How to achieve privacy quickly? 4 must read tips!

Landscape After Photo, Greensboro, NC

At 2 1/2 years trees are now 16' tall

Want privacy but don't want shrubs or trees that take forever to grow? Before and after photos are below, along with a time line. See this Greensboro NC photo. We desired a privacy wall, without the major expense a landscape company would charge. So, we planted these green giants ourselves and it all worked out fine!
September 2014 Green Giant Trees first planted 
 Green Giant trees After 18 months
The first year mainly the ROOTS form, rather than tree growth 
For do it yourself types like us:

1) Create a berm 
We brought in dirt, because our land sloped downward and green giants do not do well if they sit in standing water for long periods. This also created instant height, (it made the little trees a foot taller!), this berm allowed a space for new tree roots to thrive.

2) You do not need a landscape company!
When digging the holes, we followed the directions. Everything is listed on the label regarding root size etc. We aren't gardeners, but it really was simple!

3) This is the MOST important tip - Wait for the best planting season. Patience will save you lots of time and $$$ in the long run!!
April or September (either one) are prime seasons to plant. If you plant in the hot summer you greatly increase the risk your trees will die. After all, the first year is when they are facing the trauma of being moved. Many trees die after 15 to 16 months (notice that is AFTER the 1 year warranty period from the Nursery). You can save many thousands of dollars by hiring insured handy men to plant them for you.

4) Sunshine is a must!
Make sure they get at least 3 hours of direct sunlight per day! The ones that don't get direct sunlight won't grow very well. We noticed one tree had a Charlie Brown Christmas kind of look, so we trimmed some tree limbs that were blocking sun, and it caught up with the other trees!

Above are the Before and After photos at 18 months. When first planted I looked down at the top of each tree, now they are 10' tall. I don't profess to be a gardener or tree expert, so you'd need to ask your local professionals if these Green Giants will do well in your zone!

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