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Saturday, November 21, 2015

What type cabinet or furniture is best under a TV?

Are you ready for a new updated TV cabinet? Do you want to hide your wires and components? If you're ready to find a TV console or furniture for under your Television, know that today you no longer have to get a bulky piece with glass doors! As a matter of fact,  it's no longer necessary to have wires, cable boxes and receivers on the same wall as your TV. With today's wireless systems, the components can be across the room, completely hidden behind doors!

A TV looks better with some type of furniture underneath it, or with a wall unit built around the TV. Here we'll show you three ideas to replace your dated TV cabinet!

1) A console table! 

Notice the amazing transformation for this television once the wires, cable box and receiver are hidden! It's easier than you think to hide them, and it allows you to have unlimited options for what type furniture you put under your TV.

The below transformation was accomplished in a couple of hours! Photographer Andrew Bowen can now display his photos without the distraction of lots of wires!

AFTER TV with hidden wires and components
BEFORE Television with wires, cable box, router, and receiver all visible

2) Add a built in wall system for your TV 

This is a great way to help your TV be less obtrusive, for a clean contemporary or modern look. Notice the lighted shelves allow photos to be on display, and the large stone tiles create architectural appeal.
 Notice the wall unit below has a fireplace too!

3) Build a floating shelf for under your TV!

In the photo below, the floating shelf is nice since the room is small. It makes the TV blend into the space better. 

For more before and after photos and ideas for TV's, including built in wall system, mantles, and more, see this link:

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1 comment:

Nick Rauen said...

Wow... The TV cabinet before and after photos give a great understanding on how the new furniture creates a clean appearance. The wires are all hidden. The room looks really good that way.