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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Prefinished versus wood stained beadboard for a porch ceiling, 5 pros and cons!

This homeowner told us they wanted a "Maintenance Free porch ceiling", but they were concerned the porch ceiling wouldn't look as nice if they used a Prefinished beadboard instead of stained wood.
We showed them porch ceiling photos, since visuals can be helpful. In the end, they compromised, and went with wood stained support beams, and a maintenance free ceiling!


1) Notice when the room is empty the ceiling feels like it's of utmost importance. Once it's furnished, you don't notice the ceiling nearly as much. Is one product less expensive than the other? If you stay within budget for the ceiling, this allows a larger budget for furnishing the room with quality outdoor furniture!

2) Is the natural look also important to you? If so, you could always compromise - consider cedar beam columns - notice we used those for this project, to get that natural wood feeling the husband craved. They're at eye level, so they demand a lot of attention.

3) How important is "maintenance free" to you? That's what it really boils down to. Imagine emptying the porch and re-painting or re-staining the ceiling. Would this occasional upkeep bother you?

4) Check out colors - make sure the pre-finished color samples have a color tone you're happy with. Small samples can be misleading, perhaps you can view the finished product.

5) How long will you live in the home? If you're only going to live there 5 years, it's best to not overprice the neighborhood. If the houses in the neighborhood have less expensive selections, that could affect your decision. If on the other hand you intent to be there a long time, perhaps you want to go with what you love!

For this ceiling, paint allowed the homeowner to match the beautiful gray in their stone exterior

For this porch ceiling, wood allowed the rustic natural feeling the homeowner desired 

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A Utube video for beadboard porch ceilings:


Marissa Ryan said...

Thank you for this wonderful information. It was really helpful.

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Nick Rauen said...

I like that you discussed budget and maintenance for the outdoor patio. This was helpful.