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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

5 pros and cons for a a headboard only, instead of the complete bed with foot board.

Thinking about switching to a headboard only instead of a complete bed? 5 pros and cons may help with the decision process.

Here are Five Advantages of a headboard only

  1. Your room will look larger with a headboard only, there's nothing to "cut the room off". 
  2. A headboard only is comfortable for a tall man...just ask one!
  3. It's easier to make a bed with a headboard only... no comforters to tuck in at the foot.
  4. A new headboard gives you options - to add height, add color, or texture...see close up below, it's amazing how it transformed the room. 
  5. If you go with an upholstered headboard - it's more comfortable to lean on than a wood bed. 

                                      AFTER above, BEFORE below (with complete bed)

  1. The disadvantage of a headboard only instead of a complete bed: You'll need either a dust skirt with a metal frame (about $45, on line) --- OR--- a wooden bed frame, see blog link below for details and styles. 

Want to see more before and after, including upholstered headboard styles we make here in Greensboro, NC?  Check out this blog link:

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Nick Rauen said...

This is very helpful. The headboard alone looks great. Plus, it probably is cost effective compared to purchasing the entire set. I am also tall and never considered comfort regarding a headboard but it makes sense. Thx

Mary-Howell Moore said...

I want one of these tall headboards! They look like something that I have seen on TV. How do I get one?