What size and layout for a collage of family photos? 7 tips for a photo gallery!

Trying to decide the sizes and layout for hanging a collage of photos? Here’s 6 tips, to help capture memories & showcase a gallery of family photos. These tips also work for showcasing your work in an office or waiting room too!  1) Bigger is Better! Nice large photos work best, especially consider the size and scale […]

How to furnish and paint a room with slanted ceiling or dormer walls?

A low slanted ceiling or dormer area can look amazing with a few designer tricks. Here we’ll provide tips for painting and furnishing a room with slanted ceilings and dormers, so they’ll be architecturally appealing. 1) PAINT THE SLANTED CEILING!  If the slanted area is the same color as the walls (instead of ceiling white) […]

What type cabinet or furniture is best under a TV?

Are you ready for a new updated TV cabinet? Do you want to hide your wires and components? If you’re ready to find a TV console or furniture for under your Television, know that today you no longer have to get a bulky piece with glass doors! As a matter of fact,  it’s no longer […]

How to achieve privacy quickly? 4 must read tips!

Landscape After Photo, Greensboro, NC At 2 1/2 years trees are now 16′ tall Want privacy but don’t want shrubs or trees that take forever to grow? Before and after photos are below, along with a time line. See this Greensboro NC photo. We desired a privacy wall, without the major expense a landscape company […]

5 pros and cons for a a headboard only, instead of the complete bed with foot board.

Thinking about switching to a headboard only instead of a complete bed? 5 pros and cons may help with the decision process. Here are Five Advantages of a headboard only Your room will look larger with a headboard only, there’s nothing to “cut the room off”.  A headboard only is comfortable for a tall man…just […]

Prefinished versus wood stained beadboard for a porch ceiling, 5 pros and cons!

This homeowner told us they wanted a “Maintenance Free porch ceiling”, but they were concerned the porch ceiling wouldn’t look as nice if they used a Prefinished beadboard instead of stained wood.We showed them porch ceiling photos, since visuals can be helpful. In the end, they compromised, and went with wood stained support beams, and […]

5 quick fix tips to make a living room more comfortable and welcoming!

Want a more welcoming living room? If your living room is like the ones from prior generations, which conveys ‘no one is allowed to sit in there!’  Here are 5 quick fix ways to make it more inviting and comfortable! 1) Create a cocktail ottoman! Propping up your feet makes the room more comfortable. A […]