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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Do the barstools always need to face the kitchen?

Can we turn the island around, so our bar stools face the TV instead of the kitchen? That was our client's question, and what a good question it was! The kitchen designer sent cad drawings which - on paper - made it look like it was a very bad idea, saying it is never done that way.

Well I'm of the mindset - it's your house, it needs to be functional for you!  The homeowner was leery to proceed, since they had never seen it done.  I sent them this photo from Houzz, which helped them visualize how it could look....not to mention how much more fun it would be to view the beautiful outdoors or their living room & TV, instead of facing the microwave!

We turned the island around, so the homeowners can face the TV, windows, 
and fireplace  (instead of their microwave)!! 

Decisions about kitchen layouts, island styles & shapes, bar stool placement - these are all easier to visualize with photos. is helpful for looking through your options.

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Costuless Inc said...
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Costuless Inc said...

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Nick Rauen said...

Rotating the barstools to face the TV is a great idea.