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Friday, October 23, 2015

5 ways to create a cozy loft or cottage style, with wood, iron, linen and organic materials.

There's 4 quick solutions to update your style and give it that cozy cottage or loft vibe. 
The most popular showrooms at Market incorporate wood, iron, glass, stone, and as many natural elements as possible. Gone are the days of matching furniture sets in which the end tables have to match the cocktail table, or the chairs have to come with the table. 

Here are 4 solutions to update your style: 

1) Add a cocktail table with an organic material, in wood, iron, or metal. This can change the personality of a room faster than anything! If your room is large, it can handle the more dense style, if it's a smaller room, go for an open airy feeling. 

2) Add Steel bar stools, or bar stools with iron and leather. 

3) Add antique wood accessories...notice the wooden box to the left of the window.

4) Add a natural linen drum chandelier, its a great way to change the mood of a room quickly. 

5) Add linen drapes, nothing makes a room feel more cozy! See Below.....Imagine the windows open on a crisp fall or spring day, with the linen blowing in the wind. 

Notice the ACCESSORIES on the table are distressed, while the table is plain. Since the small items are heavily distressed, the owner is less likely to tire of the look.

Updating your style is all about getting unique items, in a combination of wood, stone, pottery, glass, metal, and organic materials. Have fun with it, and achieve a welcoming cottage or loft style that is very inviting!

1 comment:

Tiffany Patterson said...

I am so happy that "Matching Sets" are out of style. I like mixing all of the elements that you suggested.