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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Do the barstools always need to face the kitchen?

Can we turn the island around, so our bar stools face the TV instead of the kitchen? That was our client's question, and what a good question it was! The kitchen designer sent cad drawings which - on paper - made it look like it was a very bad idea, saying it is never done that way.

Well I'm of the mindset - it's your house, it needs to be functional for you!  The homeowner was leery to proceed, since they had never seen it done.  I sent them this photo from Houzz, which helped them visualize how it could look....not to mention how much more fun it would be to view the beautiful outdoors or their living room & TV, instead of facing the microwave!

We turned the island around, so the homeowners can face the TV, windows, 
and fireplace  (instead of their microwave)!! 

Decisions about kitchen layouts, island styles & shapes, bar stool placement - these are all easier to visualize with photos. is helpful for looking through your options.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

5 ways to create a cozy loft or cottage style, with wood, iron, linen and organic materials.

There's 4 quick solutions to update your style and give it that cozy cottage or loft vibe. 
The most popular showrooms at Market incorporate wood, iron, glass, stone, and as many natural elements as possible. Gone are the days of matching furniture sets in which the end tables have to match the cocktail table, or the chairs have to come with the table. 

Here are 4 solutions to update your style: 

1) Add a cocktail table with an organic material, in wood, iron, or metal. This can change the personality of a room faster than anything! If your room is large, it can handle the more dense style, if it's a smaller room, go for an open airy feeling. 

2) Add Steel bar stools, or bar stools with iron and leather. 

3) Add antique wood accessories...notice the wooden box to the left of the window.

4) Add a natural linen drum chandelier, its a great way to change the mood of a room quickly. 

5) Add linen drapes, nothing makes a room feel more cozy! See Below.....Imagine the windows open on a crisp fall or spring day, with the linen blowing in the wind. 

Notice the ACCESSORIES on the table are distressed, while the table is plain. Since the small items are heavily distressed, the owner is less likely to tire of the look.

Updating your style is all about getting unique items, in a combination of wood, stone, pottery, glass, metal, and organic materials. Have fun with it, and achieve a welcoming cottage or loft style that is very inviting!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

How to make my drapes easier to close? 5 must read tips for functioning drapes.

There are several options that make drapes easier to open and close. The top 5 solutions for functioning drapes are listed below.

Functioning drapes that open and close 

Top 5 solutions to make drapes easier to open and close:
1) Put silicone on top of the drapery pole. Important - make sure the silicone product does not get on your fabric or walls! Even a little bit could ruin your fabric or wall paint. I've even heard installers say Crisco can work.

2) Adding a drapery Baton will help make drapes easier to open. To determine what length baton to get, measure from the rod down to where you want your hand to be when you open & close drapes.

3) Switch to a drapery rod that's long enough so that you can avoid having to "jump" over an extension or telescoping section. For example, even though the box might read "from 40" to 62" , if budget allows, it's best to get a rod that will cover the entire width without having to use the extension potion, see photo below.

4) Consider wooden rings instead of metal rings. Zoom in on any of our window treatment photos throughout this blog or our web site ---  you'll notice we always use wooden ring for functioning drapes, for 3 reasons. They open and close easier, look higher quality, and are less noisy when opening or closing. An exception would be certain custom metal rings.

5) If you try all the above and still have trouble opening and closing your draperies, the only other upgrade is custom traverse rods. They're pricey, but the custom ones are nice looking (with hidden traverse system). The custom ones are also quiet. I'm not familiar with the cheaper imitation traverse rods from discount stores, and whether they glide well or are are noisy.... we welcome your comments and feedback!

All the mechanism portion below would be hidden behind the drapes.

There's all types of things to consider before purchasing drapery hardware, the diameter of the rod, the bracket depth, the quality, budget and which rings. When possible, custom rods are a good investment.