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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What size and type art behind my sofa? 5 interior designer solutions for a big blank wall!

Wondering what size art to put behind your sofa, well contrary to what one might think, the larger the art, the bigger your room will's true, every single time we hang a large piece of art people are amazed at how much bigger their room looks! And here's 4 more designer tips, some feature contemporary art or abstract art. 

1) Abstract art looks great with a traditional sofa and chairs! 
It can give a fresh updated look to a traditional room. 

2) It makes a home more interesting if you can mix some wrapped canvas pieces with framed and matted art, some signed and number limited editions with a Giclee and an original. The variety makes it all the more interesting!  

3) When possible, it's fun to add a built in surround book shelf (like below). It can make a room feel like a cozy study, and it accents your favorite art well. 

4) If you don't have a large piece of art you love, you can build shelves to display your favorite family photos or art collectibles. However, keep in mind that the frame and matting will need to be clean and simple, so it doesn't get too busy.

5) A square or vertical piece can make your ceilings feel taller than a horizontal piece.  It always shocks people - at how much it can affect how large the room feels.

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To determine the right size and type art behind your sofa, just know a very large piece will make your room look larger.

Friday, September 4, 2015

5 designer tips why white linen is a great choice for drapes and window treatments!

People often show us room photos with fresh clean white linen. White linen looks great on window treatments even if you prefer a room full of color! Here are 5 design tips regarding using white linen for window treatments:

1) White linen invokes a fresh clean "summer day" feeling, like when you put fresh clean white sheets on your bed, or when you wear a freshly ironed cotton or white shirt or dress.

2) White linen sheers help diffuse the bright sunshine, add privacy & compliment a 
variety of colors you may want to use.
Notice how well white compliments the organic sisal rug and beach colors. 

2) White linen for roman shades make a nice backdrop to the cheerful colorful pillows! White doesn't back you into a corner for making changes to the decorating, as often as you like!

3) White drapes help make your molding and white woodwork pop! Notice how nice the white fabrics look next to the gray blue ceiling, gray walls, and sofa.  

4) White drapes don't compete with beautiful outdoor views, or beautiful architecture. 

5) White drapes look great next to dark hardwood floors. Notice the contrast border on these drapes. The rick deep browns look amazing with the white window treatments.

In this Greensboro NC home, our custom window treatments and roman shades can be closed for privacy, without blocking any daylight during the day. 

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