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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to find art for above a tall chair rail or wainscoat?

Art above a tall chair rail can be hard to find. In the below photo, the wood frame on the art was a nice thick wood, which made it the correct size & scale for the deep wainscoting. 

AFTER above, BEFORE below
 When you absolutely love a piece of art, you can hang it directly over the chair rail or wainscoting. It's your home, embrace your surroundings and do as you please!

Notice in the photo below, the mirror would've been too far from the buffet, 
- If it had been placed above the chair rail or wainscoting. 

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to decorate a two story foyer ? 5 quick designer solutions to make your foyer a welcoming space.

A two story foyer can be tricky to decorate.  A tall foyer reeds the right size & scale furniture, lamps and art. After all, it's a guest's first impression! It sets set the mood for the entire home! Whether you prefer traditional and formal, colorful and unique, or family friendly, these are all things to consider.   
Designers often have access to better options than the general public. So, if you have a huge foyer, it may be beneficial to view their options. We were able to bring the actual painting (top photo) to help the homeowner visualize this painted ocean scene in their foyer. 

1) Add large artwork
Notice in the photo below - we replaced the very formal carved mirror with abstract colorful art. This gave the homeowner the inviting look they requested,the soothing colors in the art are a nice addition to a foyer that was otherwise lacking in color. Our craftsman glass lamp also added a fun touch, to make the console table feel less formal. 

AFTER Above, BEFORE below 

2) Paint or stain the front door! Perhaps a colorful door? Or a nice wood stain? 

3) Upgrade the foyer light fixture. Notice below even  the foyer light fixtures are unique!  

4) Borrow furniture from another room! Perhaps a host and hostess chair from the dining room? 
Chairs or a bench in a foyer make it functional for taking off shoes.  

5) Add texture! Below: the twigs, rocks, glass, wood, fabric, stone, & linen add wonderful 
textures. This foyer is now a welcoming room. The foyer bench allows a nice place to take off your shoes. A bowl on the console table is a great place to throw your keys. 

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

How to make my colors flow from room to room?

If you want your home to "Flow" from room to room, use repetition of a color. This client requested gray in the den which you can see at our site on Transforming Rooms - Irving Park Home.

We also had to consider her black and white tile floor in the kitchen, it needed to "make sense". We used fabric to tie it all together.  Notice how we repeated certain colors, yet used art to bring in an element of surprise.


After Above, Before Below

 By spreading out the fabric (instead of just a small swatch) 
we help customers visualize. 

Don't forget the porches and patios! Even the landscaping,.....these are all great places to repeat your favorite colors. If you use powerful colors on pillows, they can easily be changed. Perhaps a spring/summer look and another pillow for fall and winter?

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