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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Best bookcases and bookshelf styles for a home office or den.

Built in bookcases, bookshelves & wall units add a nice architectural look to a den, home office,  a sitting room or a living room. Book shelves are a great place to display not only books, but your collectibles, accessories, or even the television. A TV looks great when it's recessed in a wall unit. 
1) Built in shelving wrapped around a doorway!

See photo below. By surrounding the entrance to the next room with bookcases, the builder created architectural appeal. Craftsmen moldings are a nice style.  

 2) Bookcases and shelving units in a recessed niche for a sofa or desk.  

See the "niche" that is created below, between shelving units you can add a desk or sofa. This is a great touch in a sitting area or a work space that needs to double as a home office and guest room combined.

 3) Wood stained bookshelves for a bookcase!

If you're going for a masculine look, or like dark librarys, consider stained wood.  In the photo below, the built in bookcases surround a fireplace, to add nice architectural appeal. The doors at the bottom allow ample storage.

4) Recessed bookcases which are flushed with the wall! (below)

They look amazing in the photo below. When it's possible to add them to an existing home (and recess them), they look as if the home was built that way. A contrast paint color on the back of the bookcases adds a nice touch.  

 5) Add open shelves below cabinets!

As long as the cabinets are hung high enough on the wall, like in the photo below. The addition gave this home office more interest. Now they can display books and keep them within easy access.

6) Windows above built in bookcases,

Notice below, it adds light and architectural appeal. Columns beside the bookcases add a nice touch. 

If you're adding built in bookcases or bookshelves, see if you can add one of the six design features above. The labor is pricey for custom work, so it's good to do your homework, think about your goals and make the built in shelving in your library or home office a stunning addition!

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