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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Should I paint or stain a color on the ceiling? Pros and cons of painting a ceiling.

There are pros and cons for painting or staining a ceiling. It can add so much personality to a room to add color through ceiling paint!

  • If you want to draw attention to coffered ceilings or beautiful moldings, a paint color will do just that!
  • If your ceilings are low, you may want to avoid color on the ceiling.
  • If you crave color, a ceiling is sometimes the only place you can add it - perhaps a lot of windows or brick walls don't allow the use of color elsewhere?
  • A stain allows the natural grain of the wood to show, paint would tend to cover or "hide" the wood.

The gray stained wood ceiling (below) draws attention to the architecture.

In the room below, the coffered ceiling, crown moldings & ceiling are all the same color, that way
the room feels small and cozy.

The designer painted the ceiling to draw attention to the coffered ceiling below.

 A soft gray paint adds color to the porch ceiling below. It accentuates the stone in the fireplace.
It was one of the few places to add color to the room.

 The painted ceiling adds a nice pop of color to an otherwise all white kitchen. 

Tip for choosing the right stain color: If you're selecting a stain instead of a paint, be sure to "test" the stains on the actual wood. For example, cedar will accept the stain color differently than pine or oak.

If you're selecting a paint color for your ceiling, know that it will look MUCH darker on the ceiling than it does on your swatch card, due to lack of light reflection.

For before/after ideas for adding color - painting a contrast wall, painting a front door, or how to choose paint colors see this blog:

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A painted ceiling is an easy change, if you are unsure, just paint a large poster board with the $7 sample size paint cans from your paint store, tape it on the area to "test" it. And if it's a wood ceiling, remember that stains come in a variety of colors such as gray, taupe, camel, (not just brown).