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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What type window treatment is best for french doors? 6 must read interior design tips!

Window treatments for french doors can be the same as the other windows in the room....see below. Notice the drapes are hung on the outside of the window frame, so they do not affect functioning french doors. Drapes at a french door have numerous advantages:

1) They draw the eye towards the french door, to accentuate the outdoor view.
2) Drapes will make your room seem wider.
3) By hanging drapes close to the crown molding, it creates the illusion of height. and makes the ceilings feel taller.
4) Adding drapes at a french door creates continuity! The windows & french doors flow better.
5) If you want room darkening, you can make drapes wide enough to fully function.
6) And best of all - you can use drapes at the french door as an alternative to blinds, often people elect to remove their blinds, saying blinds block their views & make the room feel closed in.

French Door Drapes After Above, Before Below 

Our custom linen headboard with nailhead trim makes the room feel more open.

Notice in the photo at right the french door appeared to be a lower height than the windows.

The new Ivory linen drapes draws the eye towards the french doors and the beautiful outdoor view !

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bryan flake said...

You are really onto something by adding the drapes above the doorway. I can see how the doors would simply be a hole in the wall that looks rather bland. The drapes can add color and texture that can contrast and compliment the door really well.

Rose Henderson said...

I don't know why I never thought about just getting rid of my blinds before. I don't like how they look all that much anyway. I can see what you man about putting the drapes near the sealing as well. Thanks for the really clever tip!

Joseph Russo said...

The only problem I see is that the transom might be a cause for bird accidents, especially since it’s big and reflective enough to be mistaken for an open space. Have there been any cases of birds trying to fly through it yet? Hopefully not.
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