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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Monday, March 23, 2015

Where type chandelier is best for a bathroom?

Wondering what type lighting is best for your bathroom? Or whether you can put a chandelier over the tub? Well that's a question for the local inspectors. In many instances, it depends on the distance it would be from water. A chandelier can be interesting in a corner, in a niche, or bay window area, or even above the vanity sink. Small chandeliers look great just about anywhere! 

A sconce on each side of the bathtub allows balanced lighting.
 The room would've been dark without this additional lighting. 

 BEFORE below
The chandelier and window valances added a fun touch! 

The above slanted ceiling would've caused one chandelier to appear off center, 
by varying the height of two chandeliers, we complimented the ceiling angle. 

This bathroom vanity did not have room for a sconce on each side of the mirror,
in that case, a ceiling light is best.
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Friday, March 20, 2015

What window treatments are best with a window seat?

Window Seats with window treatments

With a window seat, it's best to use a valance or a roman shade instead of a drapery panel. Notice how the drapes & roman shades start close to the crown molding, this creates the illusion of height, to make the ceilings feel taller. 

It allows you to adjust the height & privacy or room darkening.

This allows you to add back pillows to lean on.

It looks better than short drapes. 

Window seats look great with Roman Shades

A combination of drapes with roman shades turns a window seat into a sleeping area. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What type window treatment is best for french doors? 6 must read interior design tips!

Window treatments for french doors can be the same as the other windows in the room....see below. Notice the drapes are hung on the outside of the window frame, so they do not affect functioning french doors. Drapes at a french door have numerous advantages:

1) They draw the eye towards the french door, to accentuate the outdoor view.
2) Drapes will make your room seem wider.
3) By hanging drapes close to the crown molding, it creates the illusion of height. and makes the ceilings feel taller.
4) Adding drapes at a french door creates continuity! The windows & french doors flow better.
5) If you want room darkening, you can make drapes wide enough to fully function.
6) And best of all - you can use drapes at the french door as an alternative to blinds, often people elect to remove their blinds, saying blinds block their views & make the room feel closed in.

French Door Drapes After Above, Before Below 

Our custom linen headboard with nailhead trim makes the room feel more open.

Notice in the photo at right the french door appeared to be a lower height than the windows.

The new Ivory linen drapes draws the eye towards the french doors and the beautiful outdoor view !

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