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Sunday, November 16, 2014

What are the 4 most important interior design tips for furnishing & decorating a home?

Are you ready to furnish and decorate your home. but you're not sure what interior design advice is helpful? We'll list the 4 most important interior design tips that can save you from expensive mistakes.

1) Don't paint the walls until you have a plan. 
Every famous designer will stress this. There are countless articles about this in famous magazines. Why? Because the wall color should compliment the sofa, or main fabrics, and the art. People think it's safe to go with a "neutral" but there are thousands of shades of taupe, or tan, or ivory, and they can actually clash with your major purchases.

It's hard to visualize until you see it with your own eyes. People grasp this easily once we hold the paint fan up to their rug, art, or fabric.

When I point to the only two taupe tones that work (out of perhaps 50 to 100 taupe choices) or the only ivory that is great (out of about 50 to 100 ivory choices), they're happy that they waited.

Or - if you have a plan first, you can even go with a more daring color - such as a soothing greenish gray, or a subtle spa blue, something you could never have done without an overall PLAN.

2) Do your homework regarding sizes. Know that a furniture store "designer" might not be advising the right size and scale for your room.
Did they ask the right questions?
1) How does the width, depth & height compare to your old sofa? Example, if the sofa you're replacing is the perfect size in the room, but the one in the store is a larger scale well, you get the picture.
2) What height are your ceilings? A qualified designer will always ask this question.  Your 9' ceilings might not be able to handle the furniture piece that the store displayed in 15' tall ceilings with NO WALLS. It's very misleading!
3) Will the new furniture piece overpower your other furniture? We often tour homes in which the chairs are a really small in scale, but the sofa is huge, or vice versa.
The homeowners realize they made a mistake, yet due to Furniture stores "restocking fees" they're stuck with it. Or, their On Line source required return freight charges plus a return fee. There's nothing worse than keeping something you dislike!

3) Less is more!
 Rather than buying lots of little "nic nacs" that tend to look like clutter......consider one large unique piece instead. 
All those little purchases add up! Example, if you spend $60 plus $75 plus $125 on small art that you don't LOVE, remember that you could wait and get one nice piece that you do love for $250!

Gray living room with one nice accessory & one piece of art
This Greensboro, NC client liked that we brought one large piece of art, instead of 3 or 4 small pieces. 

4) Create a budget!
As one example - furniture bargains found at an outlet would allow furniture to be 45% of the budget, with the remaining 55% available for rugs, floor lamps, window treatments, art, a great chandelier, or perhaps a new mantle or wall unit?

When people pay too much for their furniture, then skimp on cheap looking floor lamps, rugs, art, etc, the entire room can feel compromised.
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type any word "window" or "light" or "paint". There are hundreds of photos and tips on just about any subject!

To furnish and decorate a home, go over these 4 design tips about paint colors, size and scale, quantity, and a budget before you dive in, you'll be glad you did! It helps avoid impulse purchases that you may regret.

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

5 best bathroom remodeling ideas for function and looks

Five bathroom remodeling ideas that can make your bathroom more functional as well as pleasing to the eye - - the feedback we hear from you homeowners every week!

Before you remodel your bathroom ... ask yourself if you're going to achieve better FUNCTION as well as a better LOOK.  Sure, it's may seem nice to have pretty tile & counter tops, but will you achieve better storage solutions? A more comfortable shower? Better lighting?

Next  - ask yourself how long will I live here? Many changes such as tile or counter tops might be your taste, but they may not be what the new buyer wants when it's time to sell. Perhaps you like wood stained cabinets but they prefer white cabinets..... perhaps you'd like a large shower, but they prefer a big garden tub....or vice-versa.

Here's 5 upgrades that are easy and effective to make.

1) Recessed niches in shower stalls and jacuzzi tub areas in the bathroom
allow you to store towels, shampoos, soap, etc. 

2) A recessed bathroom cabinet (as above, flushed with the sheet rock) will provide lots of storage 
3) Drawers may be more expensive than drawers - but it's easier  to find things in drawers! 
And if you're on a budget, never underestimate the impact that paint can achieve!!
4) A ceiling mount shower head, and/or a hand held shower head 

5) Update the vanity. Tip - a small bathroom will look best with a cabinet up on legs 
(not flushed to the floor). The shelf allows storage. 

If you're only going to be in your home a few years,  you won't recoup the expenses of a bathroom remodel. After all, many of the changes would be personal preference. 

Below we'll show some reasonable and quick options! Consider the impact that wall paint, or a custom shower curtain, or a bench, a window valance, or a couple of nice accessories can make.   
Our client was thrilled with the additions below - for very little expense

We updated the rug, accessories and added a bench for THOUSANDS less than the homeowner was going to 
spend to replace the tile. Instead of dealing with the hassles of a remodel --- like the dust in your duct work from chiseling out the old tile, she had a new bathroom look in 5 minutes!


For many more bathroom changes, including color changes, window treatments, 
vanities, and more, see this link

New bathroom paint, new light fixtures, hardware, and a custom shower curtain make 
a huge impact in the bathroom above. 
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We all like to think our choices will be appreciated by all, but let's face it, each of us has our own personal taste, and we're all unique. Remodel if it's for your own goals, but know that it often does not increase resale value.

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