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Sunday, October 19, 2014

What type blind is best for a high end designer look? See these linen shades and sheer options.

Today's roller blinds and roman shades in organic linen fabrics go well in a high end designer 
room, unlike Grandmas blinds, they add an element of beauty and function to the room.
Linen adds a nice texture as shown above

IF (big if) your windows are nice and large, you may be able to get by with blinds only.
However, most people's windows look better with fabric, to add softness and texture.
The addition of drapes or valances hung ABOVE or OUTSIDE the window frame makes
the windows look much larger & the ceiling feel taller. In the Hamptons, Alice Black features blinds, above. 

Additional things to consider - the addition of drapes with blind will "soften" the room, 
absorb sound, help with temperature or sun control, and will make the room look larger. See below.

The above roman shade is a nice alternative to roller blinds
Other options for window treatments:

A decorative fabric valance allows you to "hide" blinds (photo above)
Woven blinds add texture to the room, (photo below)  
The feedback we hear is that it's nearly impossible to raise all blinds to the exact same height, We fought with it for 30 minutes for a photo shoot! Also, when raised blinds still block about the 15" to 17" of the sky & trees.

We sell blinds, when people insist......but we hear lots of negative feedback, such as....
  • The blinds block our view, even when we open them they block about 17" right at eye level. 
  • It's almost impossible to get a room full of blinds raised to the same height!!
  • They cause a "closed in feeling" almost claustraphobic! 
  • They made the room feel dark, they block lots more light than I anticipated. 

When we provide sheers instead of blinds, this is the feedback we hear:   
  • The natural organic linens look "softened" the room.  
  • It's nice that when we open the sheers, we don't block ANY of the view
  • I like the light filtering & privacy  
  • The room feels cozy now, with more of a "finished" look

sheers go with any style              

When sheers are open they do not block any view or daylight (right photo)

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