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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The slanted wall under a stairway, how to utilize the area under stairs for storage or furnishings.

The photos below show challenging stairway walls. Here are some ideas to make the area under your stairs functional for storage, with tips for furnishing them as well.

Area under an angled stairway 
Notice how a lamp and console make the area under your stairs an inviting space

Under stairway walls make an excellent place for storing shoes 

This slide out cabinet for storage under a stairway is a great way to optimize the space

People often ask if they can put large furniture in front of the slanted stairway wall
Notice how we used the lamp and pottery to make the space less awkward, so the
sofa could still be centered in front of the flat screen TV

We replaced the short loveseat with a full size linen sofa
and added two comfortable chairs
For more photos regarding furniture layouts, or placement for TV viewing and 
conversation areas, etc. see this link:


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