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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How to become an interior designer, 4 tips from an interior designer.

To become an interior designer, here are some helpful tips for building a referral base. 

a) It's very helpful to have a MENTOR! In my early years, I spent endless hours offering to file, or make photocopies while I learned from the sales manager at a very high end showroom. There's so much to learn, to obtain good listening skills, and to help spouses who may have completely different taste or ideas regarding budgets.

b) You'll want to gather photos for a web site showcasing your work. To develop a large variety, you could consider working part time if need be, until you have a large enough portfolio.

c) Learn as much as you can before you go out on your own! Perhaps you could work at an art gallery? A high end furniture store? Or for an architect? I learned a great deal about size and scale, architecture, art styles, fabric durability, etc. Say for example a client says, "I want craftsmen style" or "I want mid century modern"....or "I prefer a Queen Anne Leg instead of Chippendale"'ll want to study periods, styles, and terms. 

d) To meet people, it's helpful to create a booth and display your work at a trade show. It's a great place to show people what you're all about!

As for a degree from a design school, it's certainly helpful. However,
  • You probably either have a natural gift or you don't. 
  • You either know what's wrong with a room or you'll struggle with it! 
  • You either have amazing attention to detail or you don't! 
  • You can either pick the perfect wall paint color every time, or you can't. 
  • You can either get a husband and wife to combine styles and taste or you can't. Often their taste is complete opposite of each other!   
These are things that can't be taught. Every week I have someone offer to work for our design staff "for free so I can learn" but often they weren't willing to really listen and learn.  Design is more about hands on real life than what you memorized from a text book!

It's rewarding to fulfill peoples dreams for a home that is both functional and pleasing to the eye. It is often long hours and hard work, but if you aren't afraid of hard work, it can be so rewarding! Have a comment? We love hearing your thoughts!

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Chandrapal Singh said...

Very useful tips for interior designer career, interior designing can make your home very beautiful that's why it so much popular.