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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Should I get a shower door or a shower curtain?

Bathroom showers can be amazing with a frame-less glass shower door as well as with a beautiful shower curtain. Trying to decide between a shower door versus a shower curtain?
Below I'll list many of the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Shower with frameless glass door and beautiful tile 

Corner shower with beautiful tile and frame less glass shower door

Shower doors:

  • A frameless glass shower is expensive - especially if it's a large area
  • A frameless glass shower requires more maintenance (you know that dull film of soap scum!)
  • A frameless glass shower door can look very pretty
Shower curtains:
  • A custom made shower curtain can add a beautiful texture and colors to a boring room
  • A custom made shower curtain can be hung LEFT and RIGHT to "frame" the space
  • A custom made shower curtain can be hung floor to ceiling to make the ceilings feel taller
  • A custom made shower curtain can hide the multitude of shampoos, razors, & products on shelves!!! Notice how no one ever photographs a glass shower with all the clutter and products in the shower
  • A shower curtain can add interest for MUCH less money than remodeling with expensive tile installation. 
  • The removal of old tile will leave a dusty film in your intake and AC vent and duct work. A shower curtain can make a boring tile look just fine.

I could go on and on --- it's personal preference, but it does help to look at lots of photos, so you can decide what's important to you.

Keep in mind this important fact - if you go over budget on the shower door, you'll have to sacrifice in other areas - lighting? art? bedroom furniture? bathroom cabinet? 
Think big picture!!

Here's a photo of no shower door at all, which is possible when it's a very large area

In this master bathroom,
the shower does not require a shower door - for a nice open feeling

This custom shower curtain adds personality and color to the room 

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