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Thursday, April 3, 2014

What type window treatment hardware, wood, iron, or metal?

Window treatment hardware varies from very thin, clean, and contemporary, to the opposite extreme of wooden poles, that are fluted with ornate finials. I'll list some of the advantages of each style....I will say that in the end the hardware will not demand much attention, because other items such as the drapes, rugs, paintings etc will demand more attention.

I like hardware like this platinum finish - notice that is won't compete with wood tones on the floor or furniture.

In a large room with tall ceilings & big moldings, you will want hardware that is substantial 
(larger in diameter). See photo below, the 6" finials were needed, since smaller hardware 
would've looked too skimpy. 

Wooden finials and poles in silver finish, bronze, or taupe
are a nice option 
I also love thin iron hardware, when it's high quality, it can be simple and elegant, see below.

If you'll be opening and closing the drapes often, you may want to consider one continuous rod or at least a 1" diameter rod with strong brackets as shown above. A continuous rod is a lot more expensive than a telescoping rod, because it cannot ship by UPS, it has to go common carrier freight line. We quote both types of hardware, and bring options to the home.
Two short window treatment rods are a nice touch if you don't need
to open and close the drapes for privacy. 

This two tone finish hardware (above photo) can be an interesting touch for your window treatment hardware.

Window treatment hardware can vary from very inexpensive to inexpensive.The big difference - if it's an expandable rod, it will make it a little more difficult to open and close the drapes every day (where the rod telescopes the fabric or rings will "catch" ). Some people say they don't feel that's an issue, others say it bothers them, it's personal preference.

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