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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to get the best price when selling my home? What color should I paint the walls for resale?

When selling a home, your goal is obviously to get the best price. With that said, it's hard for any of us to look at things from a buyers perspective. A good way to detach yourself is to study a photograph of each section, (each wall), ......then ask yourself some tough questions:
  1. Would my spouse & I fall in love with the home the way it looks now?
  2. Do the photographs in MLS make people excited about a tour?
  3. When you enter the foyer, are you intrigued to want to see more? 
If you don't want to sink thousands into painting or getting new carpet, you can create an "inviting mood" by updating things you can take with you. Notice the impact we achieved through updated rugs, art, lamps fabrics, & even by rearranging the furniture. However -- if you have rooms with dated wall paper or unappealing wall colors, I still suggest painting. Dark rooms will look more cheerful with a fresh coat of paint. 

Your goal is to sell a feeling, a mood, that makes your  home stand out from 
the other homes the buyer is considering. 

Sitting Room after adding art, bench, floor lamp for stage setting

The buyer's first impression is an important one!
The areas the buyer will see first need to look their best
Upholstered headboard with nail head trim, fabrics in a popular color

AFTER above Before Below
We added custom drapes & art. We replaced all the small nic nacs on the shelves.

The mantle needed art to tie the wall paint colors together.
We moved their mirror to the bedroom, where it looked amazing. 

Custom window treatments and larger art

Notice the impact by removing a dated rug

After above
The upgrades made the MLS photos look much better while the old house was for sale. 
Each piece had a planned spot in the new home. 

Before Below:


For hundreds more before after photos:
Do you have a resale story or suggestion for what worked for you? We'd love to hear your comments! Or, for questions, be sure to email us instead. 

To get the best price when selling your home, consider how it compares to the competition. 
Rather than stage setting the home with lots of inexpensive "nic nacs", remember that a few large 
high quality items will have more impact. As for what color to paint the walls - if they are in terrible condition, consider Camel, a light cream, or tan. Be sure to avoid paints that have a pink undertone!

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