Kill Ivy forever with 4 steps, before it kills your trees and cracks the mortar in your brick.

You can kill Ivy by following these four steps precisely. Other blogs say the ivy will keep coming back but I can tell you this procedure WORKED! If you’re considering Ivy as a ground cover know that it can take over your trees, your shrubs, your lawn, it will choke out & kill everything. It […]

How to get the best price when selling my home? What color should I paint the walls for resale?

When selling a home, your goal is obviously to get the best price. With that said, it’s hard for any of us to look at things from a buyers perspective. A good way to detach yourself is to study a photograph of each section, (each wall), ……then ask yourself some tough questions: Would my spouse & […]

What’s furniture, color and accessories are popular for Spring 2014? See these High Point Furniture Market popular items!

Fabrics and color trends are light, bright, and soothing this Spring. The High Point Furniture Market popular trends for Spring 2014 are clean, colorful, with lots of crystal, or silver, lamps & chandeliers! Notice the transitional and contemporary furniture.  Red is popular, as well as Raspberry, every shade of blue, and gray continues to be […]

What type window treatment hardware, wood, iron, or metal?

Window treatment hardware varies from very thin, clean, and contemporary, to the opposite extreme of wooden poles, that are fluted with ornate finials. I’ll list some of the advantages of each style….I will say that in the end the hardware will not demand much attention, because other items such as the drapes, rugs, paintings etc […]