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Friday, March 14, 2014

Should I replace my oriental rug? Is it out of style or can I make it work?

If you are wondering whether to keep your oriental rug, or if you can update your home and still keep it? If you feel the colors in your oriental rugs are dated, know that you're not alone. Many people invested in an oriental rug before meeting us, and they ask if we can update their rooms while keeping the rugs.

By recovering chairs in a cheerful fabric color, and by adding a contemporary cocktail table,
this client said the room feels more updated, less serious
It boils down to TWO OPTIONS:

A) this is how you can update the room if you keep your rugs
B) this is what you can do if you start with a clean slate - look at inspirations designer room photos, the sky is the limit!

Here are 3 must read suggestions for your options:

1) Keep some of the oriental rugs, but replace one or two with a natural fiber rug, perhaps a tone on tone soothing rug? or perhaps an inexpensive sisal? By bringing in less formal or busy rugs, the feeling of the entire home will change.

2) Find a color in the rug that you love!! Perhaps you can get rid of some of your dated burgundy fabrics, and recover furniture or replace window treatments in a lighter more cheerful fabric such as the soothing "spa blue green"?

The bright color on the chairs gives this oriental rug an updated feeling
3) Do the math! Ask yourself what year you bought the rugs, then divide the purchase price by the number of years -
Say for example you bought a rug 12 years ago, and paid $3,400, are you willing to sell it on ebay or at a consignment store for $500? If so, do you think you've enjoyed them and made good use of them to the tune of $241 per year?


This room would look much better if the chairs didn't "compete with" the busy
pattern in the rug. It's a good example of how several patterns make the room feel too busy!
For articles about what size rug, or how to tell if a rug will be durable, just type "rug" in the search box, all the prior articles will appear.

We hope you'll share your comments, OR for questions, be sure to email us instead.

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