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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Should I get a sofa & loveseat set, or a pair of chairs? 6 pros and cons.

Are you trying to decide whether to get a matching sofa & loveseat set? Hopefully the furniture store won't insist you purchase a "complete set only". It's often advantageous to pick & chose the pieces that you like best, rather than get a "matching set".

Here are 6 pros and cons of a sofa & loveseat set:

1) Notice how two large adults rarely share a loveseat during a party? Check it out next time you're at a social. More often than not you'll notice that normally only one person will sit on a loveseat, unless of course it's a couple. It takes up a good deal of space but often goes unused.  However, if you have plenty of room for a Set PLUS chairs as well, then this wouldn't apply to you.

2) It's harder to add color, patterns, textures etc if you get a matching "set". If you get a pair of chairs, (or several chairs) you can add a new fabric, for a custom look.

3) A loveseat doesn't allow you to have a table in between to set down drinks. Also, notice below the loveseat (Before) blocked more daylight that the two chairs. I'm not referring to overstuffed huge chairs of course, but rather chairs like the styles below.

4) Furniture stores sell sets because it's cheaper to make a loveseat than to make two chairs.  It's a way to mass produce, and more importantly it saves the salesperson time, because they don't have to help you select fabric coordinates. It's a quick sale for a commission sales person. That's good for the furniture store - but keep in mind # 1 above, and ask yourself how many adults you want to seat.

5) Last but not least - it's harder to rearrange furniture when you have a matching loveseat. Every room is different of course, you can layout your room to see if this would apply to you.

6) And here's a pro for the loveseat - it's normally less expensive than buying two chairs!
After  Pair of chairs instead of a sofa and loveseat 

This Greensboro, NC client's sofa felt large and "dense", crowding the area
There was only room for one end table, which left one adult without 
a place to set down a drink or a book. 

BELOW - this Oakridge, NC client asked if they should get rid of their sofa & loveseat "set". They were tired of everything matching. We made use of their current sofa & added two chairs. Notice how our chairs (without a skirt) feel less crowded than a loveseat with a skirt. 
The loveseat blocked daylight
For more tips about purchasing furniture, or living room furniture layouts, click on this link

If you'd like to share your thoughts on sofa and loveseat sets, we'd love to hear from you. Or, if you have a question, be sure to email instead.


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Hannah said...

Thank you for having such an awesome blog. You inspired me to paint some pieces of furniture I found at the curb. Keep up the great work! cuddly home...