Should I get a sofa & loveseat set, or a pair of chairs? 6 pros and cons.

Are you trying to decide whether to get a matching sofa & loveseat set? Hopefully the furniture store won’t insist you purchase a “complete set only”. It’s often advantageous to pick & chose the pieces that you like best, rather than get a “matching set”. Here are 6 pros and cons of a sofa & […]

What are the Pros & cons of becoming an interior designer? 5 advantages & disadvantages of becoming a designer.

The pros and cons, or advantages and disadvantages of becoming an interior designer are endless of course, but I’ll cover the top few here. I’m not just speaking from experience, (I have been an interior designer for many years), I’m also listing what I hear others in the industry say. Step one is understanding what […]

What privacy solutions are best for uneven height windows or two story windows, without blocking the view?! Six interior design solutions!

Do you have uneven height windows or two story windows that seem impossible to create privacy solutions without blocking your view? 6 must read tips from an interior designer. 1) Often the choice of window treatment hardware is what matters – it can make or break whether window treatments are possible. Notice the small finials […]

How to get your cat to stop scratching furniture, tips from a Veterinarian that really work!

Want to stop having your furniture and fabrics ruined by cat scratching and pet stains? To get your cat to stop scratching furniture here are effective tips – and they’re from a veterinarian!   Plus, our clients have provided feedback on some below that really worked!  It’s wonderful when a client tells me they can […]