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Thursday, February 20, 2014

5 must read designer tips for selecting a sofa fabric, avoid a major design mistake.

It's important to select a sofa fabric that is durable & timeless, because it's very expensive to redo or recover a sofa.  Here are the 5 tips which will help you find the best sofa fabric.

1) Think texture, or tone on tone, rather than a busy print. Remember, you'll have prints on the pillows & the art, therefore big items such as a sofa or drapes should be subtle & timeless. They're too expensive to redo!

Spread out fabrics by the bolt! 
This customer requested fabrics in cinnamon, paprika, pumpkin, and brown. 
Top Left: pillow fabric, brown chenille for sofa, 
Center: textured tweed for chairs,
Bottom Right side: drapes and valances. 

2) Try to thing BIG - are you looking at a little 6" swatch? Instead, look at 15 to 20 YARDS in the room.  
Get your fabric source to spread out the entire bolt in your room, 
so you can see it next to your art, your rugs, and how it flows with adjacent rooms.

3) Think about durability, sure you may love it, but does it have a good rub count? Is it a good durable content? Or is it 80% rayon, and NOT durable?

4) Think big picture - does it compliment your tile, your hardwoods, your cabinets? Or does it cause your current wood stain to look too orange or yellow?

5) Look at the adjacent rooms - will your home flow from room to room?

For additional room photos and fabric ideas, click on this link:

What is a durable fabric:  ---

Buyer beware! Read this before purchasing a sofa:

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