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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How many throw pillows on the bed? 7 must read tips to avoid too many pillows.

If you're tired of putting decorative throw pillows on your bed every morning, remember that if your bedding and shams are amazing, you won't need lots of throw pillows! There are other ways to add color & interest.

Here are 7 ideas for ways to add color to the bedroom without the need to remove pillows every night! 
  1. Drapes - perhaps a nice linen or silk drape, notice the spa blue color below
  2. An accent chair - this can serve both function AND add color
  3. A flange - Border your duvet with a contrast color flange! -- see photo below, this allows the duvet cover to be wider than normal, and adds a new texture and color. 
  4. Lamps - notice the nice texture and color of the lamps that replaced the old lamps

Without lots of throw pillows on the bed - one is sufficient

Master Bedroom

5) Lamp shades, notice the nice gray lamp shade beside the sofa. 
6) An upholstered headboard or bed, notice the lovely gray fabric with nail head trim.
7) wall paint - an accent wall or even a ceiling paint can add interest and dimension. 

The bedroom wall paint or ceiling paint can be a way to add interest and color 
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