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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Best built in storage solutions & window seats, 5 must read design tips for a niche, bay window, or kitchen!

A bay window or niche is the perfect place to add storage solutions. We've gathered photos of niche's and bay windows to give you storage solution ideas. In a kitchen it allows you to store excess pots, pans, or items you rarely use. In a den, it allows you to store games, movies, whatever the need, it's always nice to have more storage as well as seating, so that your niche or bay window isn't a wasted area!

window seat in bay window, 3 separate cushions make it more affordable than one long cushion
Pull out drawers add space for excellent storage solutions

We love to transform homes by adding window seats. It's a great way to add color, storage, and create a useful space. Above: our beautiful fabrics and seat cushions really update a home.
Easy access storage solution with no doors
This is the least expensive way to add storage

Lift lids are another inexpensive way to add storage,
but it's harder to keep the area organized than with pull out drawers

This bay window utilizes both storage shelves at each end
as well as storage under the window seat

Last but not least, if you build the window seat deep enough, you can use a twin mattress for the cushion,
just be sure to adjust for the height! 
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Sarah Kerr said...

Good ideas, we need more storage. I am going to add a window seat to our Bay Window in the family room.