Best built in storage solutions & window seats, 5 must read design tips for a niche, bay window, or kitchen!

A bay window or niche is the perfect place to add storage solutions. We’ve gathered photos of niche’s and bay windows to give you storage solution ideas. In a kitchen it allows you to store excess pots, pans, or items you rarely use. In a den, it allows you to store games, movies, whatever the […]

How much will it cost to furnish and decorate my new home? 6 must read tips for staying in budget!

How much will it cost to furnish and decorate my home? Smart question!Now, to make sure you’re getting a realistic answer –   It’s impossible for a designer to know which sofa, chairs, rugs etc fit your expectation level during the first consultation. Asking for a total is similar to asking a car salesman to […]

5 must read designer tips for selecting a sofa fabric, avoid a major design mistake.

It’s important to select a sofa fabric that is durable & timeless, because it’s very expensive to redo or recover a sofa.  Here are the 5 tips which will help you find the best sofa fabric. 1) Think texture, or tone on tone, rather than a busy print. Remember, you’ll have prints on the pillows […]

How many throw pillows on the bed? 7 must read tips to avoid too many pillows.

If you’re tired of putting decorative throw pillows on your bed every morning, remember that if your bedding and shams are amazing, you won’t need lots of throw pillows! There are other ways to add color & interest. Here are 7 ideas for ways to add color to the bedroom without the need to remove […]